ADD-Bulgaria focuses on the development and implementation of Smart metering systems for electricity, water, gas and street lighting or also known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure. The Smart metering system is built in three levels – smart meters or measuring devices, communication equipment (data concentrators, routers) and related software.
      Overcoming challenges like non-technical losses is among the strongest features of the AMI solution that we offer. Electricity theft has many forms all of which we can detect and tackle on time. Smart metering has many more functionalities which empower not only the utility system operators but also the end consumers to get real information about what is going on with the network, consumption and operations.
      With more than 500 000 end points, ADD-Bulgaria has become the leading provider of AMI products in Bulgaria and the neighbouring countries. We constantly broaden our product portfolio, but we stay true to our mission – to create advanced and robust turn-key solutions for remote control and management of resources.

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