About Us

ADD-Bulgaria is a company with leading positions in offering intelligent solutions and systems for control of resource usage and consumption. 

Our products for data transmission and processing are based on the latest developments in the communications area – PL LV / MV, RF, GPRS / 3G, Ethernet. They help our customers achieve better and more effective management of their business.

The company’s main activities are:

  • Development and implementation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure systems for electricity, water, gas, heating and city lighting
  • Providing high quality services and constant support 
  • Continuous improvement of the technology, while complying with the most advanced and proven international trends and open standards

We have a young and ambitious team of specialists, who are dedicated to new product development and constant product improvement. We closely follow the trends in the Smart metering industry and we aim to accomplish higher reliability, efficiency and security in the products we offer. 

The rich experience of ADD-Bulgaria shows that the utility companies have various and ever increasing requirements and we always take this into consideration. One of the most widely spread requirement is that of interoperability between the systems of the different suppliers. This leads to the development of open solutions. Moreover, ADD-Bulgaria actively follows and participates in the process of international standards and communication protocol creation. 

That is how ADD-Bulgaria became part of the PRIME alliance. The members in the organization are focused on the continued development of an open, public and non-proprietary networking standard which supports not only smart metering functionalities, but also the progression toward a Smarter Grid. PRIME defines an open standard for a stable and future proof OFDM PLC technology. Multiple certified meters and data concentrators are already available and deployed on a large scale worldwide. 

OFDM (Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing) is a method of encoding digital data on multiple carrier frequencies. The primary advantage of OFDM over single-carrier schemes is its ability to cope with severe channel conditions (for example, attenuation of high frequencies in a long copper wire, narrowband interference and frequency-selective fading due to multipath) without complex equalization filters.