Arista schemaThe intelligent management of resources is an integral part of the global initiatives for sustainable development. There are numerous regulations in the various countries which aim to speed up and encourage the implementation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure for electricity, water, gas, etc.

The innovative product of ADD-Bulgaria represents an integrated system for management of the consumption of water, which consists of several elements

  • Communication module
  • Router/Data concentrator
  • Management Centre

The communication between the module and the router happens in two mediums – radio or MBUS, whereas the router and the Centre communicate via GSM/GPRS. Depending on the specific conditions of the region/area of implementation as well as depending on the needs of the customer, is defined the means of communication (radio or MBus).

The Smart Metering System developed by ADD-Bulgaria is more than AMR (Automated Meter Reading) – it gives much more sophisticated information and ability for managing the resources for the utility companies and their clients. 


Thanks  to the successful completion of project № BG161PO003-1.1.07-0210-C0001 “Implementation into production of innovative system for remote reading, data processing and consumption management of water resources " in procedure BG161PO003-1.1.07 "Implementation of  innovations in enterprises "  in ОПРКБИ 2007-2013. ADD Bulgaria offers to its customers /water supply companies, companies for management of public buildings, etc./ service for  remote reading, data processing and consumption management of water resources on installed water meters of their clients.


  • The system is hosted in ADD Bulgaria’s private cloud with guaranteed full security and of the collected data, flexibility, easily scalable infrastructure and cost efficiency of the cloud service;
  • Web-based platform for distant consumption measurement of residential and industrial water meters with an easy to navigate interface;
  • Possibility to work with a huge amount of end point devices (up to 1 million);
  • Management of meter devices by various manufacturers due to the support of standard international protocols and the possibility to add new protocols, depending on the customers’ requirements.
  • Data and Information export to billing, ERP and other utility management systems.
  • Automatic generation of various reports in table and graphical format like Consupmtion comparison for a given period of time, Deviation from normal consumption, etc.
  • Data storage for a long period of time;
  • Analysis of the water network and the water meters, finding and localization of breaches, leakages, other technical and non-technical losses.
  • Distant valve closing and opening in case there are valves installed.
  • Special consumer module (web portal) with which the end consumers can receive at any time and place information about their consumption using the respective tools and graphics for consumption analysis.


  • Decreasing the operatation expenditure of the utilities;
  • Low  cost price and higher accuracy of the processes on measurement and management of the resources;
  • Analysis of the consupmtoin and better planning of the resources;
  • Exact localization of the losses (system leakages, thefts and other problems);
  • Additional benefits for the end users due to easy and free access to information about their own consumption


Why we need a Smart water metering system?

While electricity energy can be produced in different ways, the same cannot be said about water, which is a non-renewable resource. There are plenty of research investigations about water resources and the danger of their depletion which can lead to natural catastrophe. Although only 1% of the water in the water pools on Earth is potable, a big part of it is being constantly polluted. 

Just like the electricity energy, a serious problem is the water losses, which happens due to several reasons:

  • Consumption which is not measured and billed
  • Losses, coming from thefts or inaccuracy in the reading
  • Technical losses, coming from losses in the distribution process, leakage and poor network management

Usually, these kind of problems are notices in the developing countries, where the losses can reach up to 50% (Nigeria, Armenia, Indonesia, Mexico, including Bulgaria). The World Bank estimates the losses on a global scale to be around 14 billion dollars per year.

Many other factors make the situation worse – the depletion of the underground water, the increasing of the population on the Planet (which is expected to reach 8 billion by 2030), the process of urbanization, wider middle class, uncertainty in the climate changes, the increasing consumption of meat and other water-consuming products. 

All this opens the introduction of new methods for water management, which can achieve energy efficiency. Water utilities in the different countries need more reliable information in order for them to manage their business and resources more effectively. Information technology already is widely applied in resolving these problems, and the innovative product of ADD-Bulgaria guarantess solutions of high quality.