Router/Data Concentrator

Collects and stores the data, received by the measuring device (consumption data, gas pressure, leakages, condition of the meter), after that it sends it to the Management Centre. It is also a communication equipment for transmission of commands from the Management Centre to the end device (for example, activating or deactivating the valve). The router/data concentrator makes analyses of the network in order to enable the taking of important technological decisions for communication improvement. 

  • Wireless, MBus communications
  • Full 2-way communication via GSM/GPRS channels
  • Automatic detection, registration and support of end-point devices within the network
  • Scheduled data connection
  • Interchangeable communication modules
  • NFC
  • Built-in clock
  • Unauthorized access control
  • Alarm signalization
  • Backup power supply (optional )
  • Protection level
  • Data storage in non-volatile memory