Arista Communication Module

The Arista communication module – integrates several functions: 

  • wireless (RF) or M-Bus two-way communication
  • consumption reading and calculation 
  • control functions 
  • data storage
  • valve control
  • event log

The module can read and control any type of gas meter with a pulse output.  The Arista gas system is flexible and offers two options: 

  • Standard solution – Arista module is attached to the existing meter – cheap and easy way to make your network a smart one
  • Talior-made solition – design the module according to the customer requirements and integrate it in the gas meter.

PDF downloadArista communication device Data Sheet



Wireless radio communication – Mesh network

The communication network between the end metering points (Arista Management Unit or integrated smart water meters) and the Data Concentrator is built independently for a short period. Every point sends and receives info to and from the points around it. The information flow is two-way. The system allows the reading of data to be done several times a day or as many times as it is scheduled. The requirements for low energy consumption for ensuring long battery life are taken into consideration. One of the main functions of the system is the control of a valve (internal or external) – opening and closing. The balance of the system (for water/gas distribution) is configured according to the requirements of the utility company and is calculated automatically.

M-Bus wired communication

M-Bus was the first ever communication standard enabling customers and utilities to monitor water, gas, heat and electricity consumption. Over its 20 years of wired field-testing M-Bus has proven that it is a communication technology with high reliability and flexibility.

ADD-Bulgaria’s solution, thus offers you the chance to build a smart metering system that boasts security, easy and quick establishment and finally, reliable performance. 

The M-Bus gas meters are connected to the router and their measurement data reliably flows through the M-Bus cable to the router, which then transmits it to the ARISTA Management Centre via GPRS. No information is lost, breached or broken.

Another easy and economical opportunity appears when the utility has already installed M-Bus gas meters, because the only additional investment it has to make in order to build its Advanced Metering Infrastructure, is the Router and the ARISTA Management Centre.