City Lighting Arista

Arista City Lighting SchemaThe Arista City Lighting consists of Arista Management Centre, street lights management box (communication equipment). When the customer requires individual control of each street lamp, there is one more level in the system – Light control unit. 

Arista City Lighting enables:

  • Energy saving
  • Street lighting efficiency 
  • Group and individual lights management
  • Low maintenance costs

Benefits of Arista City Lighting:

  • Reduces  power consumption up to 40%
  • Reduces operating cost for maintenance
  • Increases bulb life
  • Low cost wireless control 
  • Achieves European standards of street lighting
  • Enhances security and safety of people
  • Improves traffic safety  
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Powerful web based software
  • Alarm and fault monitoring 
  • Energy monitoring 
  • Balance making (distributed-consumed energy)
  • ON/OFF Schedule and dimming based on seasons, sun-set -  sun-rise programs and traffic
  • Easy expandable street lights network
  • Expandable infrastructure that supports multiple applications such as traffic management, GIS, garbage collection 
  • System serving data transmit and management from various energy resources such as water, gas and etc.