Arista Electricity SchemaOur latest advanced metering products form an integrated system for electricity energy measurement, management and control on PLC OFDM modulation. It gives our customers a series of benefits and helps them resolve long-lasting problems, to optimize their business processes and to enrich their activities with new value-added services.

  • The system for distant control and management of electricity complies with one of the most important requirements of our customers – we have achieved interoperability of the system with products of other manufacturers – members of the PRIME alliance. The compatibility of different products gives independency to the utility and the possibility to diversify risk. 
  • The utilities possess extremely sensitive information. That is why security is their top priority. ADD has increased the level of protection so that our customers do not have to worry about data leakage.
  • Data collection and transmission have become faster and more reliable, thanks to the OFDM modulation.
  • Along with these improvements of the system, there are also the traditional benefits of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure – decreasing the technical and non-technical losses, decreasing the operational expenses, business processes and operations optimization, better load profiles planning and forecasting. There are also all the benefits for the end customer – possibility to control their own consumption through its real-time observation, demand response and quality control.