We Are Always Available

ADD Bulgaria understands how important support and maintenance of your system are for the smooth operation of your business. Our maintenance program includes:

  • Live Help Desk support

  • In-house hardware maintenance depot

  • Guaranteed timely response

  • Supplemental training offered an a quarterly basis

  • Prioritized issue tracking and resolution delivery

  • On-site investigation and technical services

Hardware Support

Maintenance is performed on all ARISTA units sent in for repair within the warranty. In addition, service is performed on devices with expired warranty, as they spread on and a guarantee of repair. This provides you with a working unit that has been repaired for the problem you reported. Once an ARISTA unit has been repaired, it must pass two separate Quality Assurance test procedures before it is returned for field use. The first test is conducted by the technician performing the repair. The second is conducted by a Quality Assurance technician prior to shipment. After the ARISTA unit has successfully passed both tests, we match the shipping priority you chose in sending the equipment to us when we return the equipment to you.

  • Preventive maintenance performed on all ARISTA units sent in for service

  • Automated repair tracking system

  • Emergency rental equipment available

  • All units must pass two (2) QA test procedures before being returned to field

Software Support

Software issues and enhancement requests reported to ADD Bulgaria are documented and tracked in our Customer Support tracking system. Minor issues and enhancements collected through the system provide the basis for the periodic software releases that are sent to all current customers. Critical issues are referred directly to the ADDAXMVP Product Manager for prompt action.

  • Comprehensive support with periodic maintenance releases

  • Remote access support

  • Support for standalone and distributed ADDAXMVP environments

  • Online help/documentation