Substantially reducing the technical and non-technical losses of the Energy Provider 

  • The effect comes from the ability of the system to report any attempts at theft and manipulations. 
  • Created by us electricity meters allow the detection and reporting of losses from bad grounding, faulty electrical installations in buildings and of improper connections. 
  • The ability of the system to balance out by installation of balancing meters in the electrical transformers, gives more opportunity for loss and theft attempts recognition. 

Essentially reduce the operational costs of reporting (billing) and the costs of connection and disconnection of irregular users. 

The Arista Management System provides the advantage of remote management of the meter. This means that the consumption data, any type of problems with the device and updates or re-configuration can be all done remotely. This way the utility benefits from:

  • reduction of the direct costs for technical and data collection staff    
  • Avoiding full cost of transport, crane and direct costs of disconnection and connection of non-regular consumers. 

Increase in collection

There is no longer the problem of consumers not paying their bills.  

The Systems of "ADD Bulgaria" allows an individual connection and disconnection for consumers by the remote control center. 

Mode "credit" and "prepay" 

The System of "ADD Bulgaria" allows the introduction of "Credit" and "Prepayment" billing directly through the system. The introduction of the system "Prepayment", allows to achieve 100% collection where. necessary. 

Enable users to control their consumption ON-LINE. 

Users have ability to monitor their consumption in real-time and take adequate measures to control and reduce their expenditure on electricity. 


Suppliers have the opportunity to receive information in real time and to make up there actual schedules for load up ,in terms of implementation of EU directives on energy efficiency and achieve the optimum price of supplied electricity.

Demand response

Consumers can take advantage of the special discount programs, available to people who turn off their electrical appliances at peak times of the day. Not only do they reduce their bills at the end of the month, but they teach themselves new habits of more responsible consumer behavior. At the end of the day, they help themselves directly, but also the society and the nature as a whole. 

Energy quality monitoring

Тhe smart meter sends not only the consumption data, but also all kinds of data, related to the quality of the distributed electricity, as well as the condition of the meter. This protects people and appliances from potential dangers and damages.