Interoperability and upgrade

Why is interoperability necessary? – today technology is a dynamically developing field and letting a company be dependent on one vendor only is not the right approach. ADD-Bulgaria is fully aware of this and that is why it based its R&D processes on international standards and communication protocols. 

Arista technology is an entirely PRIME based solution. This makes it compatible with the technology of many other manufacturers – also members of PRIME alliance. 

The interoperability of ARISTA system is possible on 2 levels:

  • Data concentrator and Management Centre level – in this case the utility chooses ADD-Bulgaria as a supplier of its MDM and DCs, but it has the freedom to pick different meter manufacturers, which can be integrated in the two upper levels. 
  • Management Cenrte level – in this case ADD-Bulgaria provides only the MDM platform and the DCs and meters are provided by other suppliers. 

Not only is ARISTA system compatible with other vendors’ systems, but its upgrade to the G3 solution is very easy. As long as our customer explicitly expresses their preference towards G3, ADD can make it happen.