ADD Bulgaria has more than 10 years experience in Systems for Remote reading and Management of energy resources, consumption, implementation and integration. Its long experience in all aspects of the process make ADD Bulgaria your best choice as a utility technology partner. ADD Bulgaria’s Implementation services include:
  • Installation, Configuration, Support and Services for:
  • PC/Server Hardware
  • Operating System
  • Software
  • Network
  • Database
  • Handheld Communications
  • Support for Billing System Interface Development
  • Comprehensive Training
  • PC Operator/Supervisor
  • Meter reading and managment
  • AMR Installation/System Optimization

Consultation - we help you identify:

  • Your goals and then to prioritize them
  • How you can benefit from the Arista system rollout
  • What is the best technical and technological solution   


A successful implementation always involves true partnership between ADD Bulgaria and our customer, where shared responsibilities are fulfilled in a timely and professional manner.

What ADD Bulgaria is responsible for:

  • Appointing an Implementation Coordinator to schedule and oversee all aspects of the system installation.
  • System hardware and software configuration
  • Full documentation and support for the development of the Billing System interface.
  • System testing.
  • Training of personnel appointed for System operation and management and meters maintenance.
  • System support and service

What our customer is responsible for:

  • Select system parameters to tailor the ARISTA system to manage your operation. (All options are detailed in the documentation and reviewed with the ADD Bulgaria Implementation Coordinator.)
  • Appoint team of individuals responsible for System operation and management and meters maintenance.