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Company history


Company establishment

Starting partnership with EVN


Starting of partnership with CEZ

Starting partnership with E-ON/Energo Pro


First project for intelligent street lighting in the town of Smolyan


Starting partnership with EVN Macedonia


Opening our manufacturing plant

Project for intelligent street lighting in the municipality of Roman


Contract with ADD Polska

Manufacturing contract with Perry Electric Srl


Pilot project for smart street lighting in the city of Plovdiv


Smart system for street lighting and LoRaWan network
Art installation "For those born today" in Plovdiv city


ESCO project for street lighting 
Pilot project in Athens - marina Flisvos

Our customers


ADD-Bulgaria is a company with a main mission to offer working solutions for remote data transfer, analysis of information and management of connected devices. The most wide application of these solutions can be found in the management of resources like electricity, water, gas, heat, lighting of buildings, tunnels, streets, etc. We have our own R&D team and this, together with our own production plant, ensures the execution of a complete product lifecycle:
  • Design of innovative solutions
  • Manufacturing of prototypes and end products
  • Implementation and maintenance of turnkey systems
  • Periodical upgrades with new functionalities
The solutions we provide help our clients achieve better and more efficient management of their business and assets, and also to significantly reduce their operative expenses, which leads to faster return on investment. We try to build close relationship and real partnership with our customers as we have an individual approach to every project and customer. This turns us into a secure partner in the realization of various projects in terms of scope, complexity and location.

Our team will discuss with you all your requirements and will find the most efficient solution, while offering complete cooperation throughout project realization.

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