You are currently viewing ADD Bulgaria has been providing fast and high-quality production of electronic and plastic devices since 2013

ADD Bulgaria has been providing fast and high-quality production of electronic and plastic devices since 2013

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ADD Bulgaria builds long-term partnerships with its customers and is a proven manufacturer with an excellent reputation and internationally recognized quality.

Interview with Nikolay Hristozov, Production Director and Zlatka Georgieva, Chief Process Engineer.

QUESTION 1: What are the characteristics of the production of ADD Bulgaria?

Our company’s goal is to achieve high quality, while complying with international standards and ensuring safe working conditions.

ADD Bulgaria has its own research and development team that designs the hardware and software for our intelligent systems, and it also has production facilities. In this way we provide a complete product life cycle from idea to end product.

For more than 6 years ADD Bulgaria has been performing activities in the production of electronic equipment, all processes and procedures applied during operation are in full compliance of European directives and standards. All activities are performed and controlled by high-quality team, who undergoes extensive trainings on a regular basis, closely related to technology and overall production.

In addition to our own production, we also offer services to external customers and we are a preferred partner mainly because of the high quality, which we guarantee due to the high-tech equipment, advanced procedures and experienced, highly qualified production team.

The production of ADD Bulgaria has an area of 5000 sq.m and is characterized by:

  • effective and efficient implementation of manufacturing processes;
  • compliance of the production process with the requirements of customers and set European standards;
  • implementation of activities under healthy and safe working conditions and compliance with environmental protection;
  • provision of services under controlled conditions (during the guarantee);

In cases where our production facilities are used for the realization of your product, you can count on fast and expert communication on all questions and requirements regarding the parameters of electronic devices and their production and subsequent functional and electrical tests that need to be passed as final phase.

QUESTION 2: For what type of production is it intended and what is the capacity of the production of ADD Bulgaria?

The equipment and the processes are designed for the production of:

  • The company’s own electronic devices, part of the intelligent systems for remote control and monitoring of lighting, electricity and water consumption;
  • Electronic equipment of clients – according to their technical requirements and parameters;
  • Plastic production of equipment elements and housings;
  • Activities for processing and assembling modules with materials and kits of the client, according to the instructions of the client.

Before starting of the production process, a team of engineers reviews the work files, checks compliance with technological capabilities and standards for the production of electronic modules, as well as non-conformities that would involve the production processes of the product.

The manufactured products pass 100% electrical test and visual control, at the customers request the results of the performed control tests are provided.
Automatic optical inspection (AOI) is also performed by specified equipment, which fully guarantees the detection of defective products.

QUESTION 3: What distinguishes ADD Bulgaria in production services?

There are several advantages for us as a company and production:

  • Standardized process
  • Flexible production;
  • High quality;
  • Compliance with deadlines and requirements;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Experienced team

During the production process are used only materials that meet specialized requirements (RoHS) for requirements of customers. ADD Bulgaria follows precise procedures:

  • Quality control according to the requirements of BDS EN ISO 9001: 2015;
  • Execution of the environmental requirements in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001: 2015;
  • Management of health and safety at work in accordance with the requirements of standard ISO 45001: 2018;

QUESTION: 4 What is the specificity of the equipment?

  • Technology for surface mounting (SMT Module Placement Machine Panasonic)
  • Automatic optical inspection (AOI Marantz Electronics U22XH)
  • Automatic soldering equipment (ERSA N-Wave 330 – Wave Soldering Machine)
  • PCB line (Reflow Oven)
  • Laser marking and engraving (FOBA M2000 – Lazer Marking);
  • Production of plastic details (Engel Victory 1350/300 Tech – Injection Moulding Machineрр Engel Victory 330/110 Tech – Injection Moulding Machine , Engel Victory 750/160 Tech – Injection Moulding Machine)
  • Test and calibration equipment ( ZERA MTS140 – Meter test system and ZERA MTS320 – Meter test system)
  • ERP system for storage and movement of resources

Our injection molding machines are high-tech systems with automatic loading, mixing and process control and have simulation software that visualizes processes and allows precise adjustment, which ensures high speed and accuracy. The computer interface transfers all process settings to the machines, and the process completes a protocol (Infolog), which records the production of each part. Each machine is equipped with a robot for the finished parts, which is a guarantee of quality of the products.

Highly qualified specialists develop the stages of production of each product, set all parameters, monitor the environment, consumables, tests and accessories and monitor critical for the product characteristics and factors that affect its quality.

QUESTION 5: Why is it worth contacting ADD Bulgaria if you need production services?

Production processes are controlled at 3 levels:

  • at the input level – supplier, material, technology;
  • through systems determined by the high level of the equipment, which regulate and maintain the parameters of the processes;
  • control through the Quality Assurance Systems-ISO 9001; MID-D; Measurement and inspection laboratory;

Production and delivery times are flexibly planned according to customer requirements. All the time, customers have information about the production of the product and any changes and nonconformity are constantly discussed. ADD Bulgaria invests in production facilities to ensure maximum quality and reliability of its products. We are successfully present on the international markets, thanks to our constant aim to research and satisfy the requirements of our clients.

Over time, we have proven that we provide quality and precision, which are the basis of long-term partnerships with our customers.