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Combined solutions for optimal results and better marinas with Arista Retrofit and SLMS

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Customer perspective

For sailing lovers, there is nothing better than the caressing rays of the sun, the fresh sea breeze and the mooring of a new and exciting destination. However, the wonderful experience can quickly be overshadowed by a poorly managed marina that doesn’t provide a good enough and modern service. Marinas often have infrastructure that requires manual measuring of energy consumption, which leads to delays in service and often to errors and losses due to equipment failure. However, the modernization of the infrastructure and its digitization is associated with large investments that not everyone can afford. At the same time, good management of the marina is essential to achieve maximum productivity and profitability. To offer a way out of this stalemate, ADD Bulgaria provides an intelligent and cost-effective solution with Arista Retrofit for measurement of the resources, in combination with Street Lighting Management System (SLMS).

What customers want to find at the marina?


Choosing the right marina is much more than just convenience of location, there are many other factors that affect the customer’s decision like ease of berthing, parking and security services that can impact the enjoyment of boating and trip. Most people are also looking for good exposure and accessibility but one of the most important and vital things is the access to electricity and water. This not only keeps the batteries charged, the tanks full and the boat clean, it also provides power supply to run the systems while staying on board the boat at the marina without draining batteries or running the generator. The correct measurement of the consumed resources and the fast service is one of the factors that puts one marina before another. Safety is also an important factor and the lack of a proper street lighting would let the customers down.

Marina perspective

Arista is an intelligent solution that aims to modernize and digitalize marinas so that they can improve both their operational efficiency and customer service. Marinas can benefit from this solution and achieve optimal results in two directions – by implementing Retrofit measurement of resources and/or Street Lighting Management System.

Optimize measuring prosses with Arista Retrofit

Measuring prosses with Arista Retrofit

Most marinas today have a rather traditional metering process. Electricity and water meters are installed inside each pedestal. To read and record consumption data, marina operators must go to every single one of them on foot. Then, in order to bill the customer, they need to manually upload the collected data into а computer software and then transfer it to the marina’s billing system.

This is a slow and wasteful process that poses a variety of risks. When data collection and analysis are done manually, the staff is not efficient enough, sometimes consumption is not read accurately and all this affects the level of customer satisfaction. Additionally, the marina management doesn’t have accurate real-time information about occupied pedestals, resource consumption, and underlying technical issues. Without a clear view of the big picture or a full data and operations transparency, management cannot improve the marina’s efficiency and profits.

Using Arista Retrofit solution marinas are in fact digitalizing the existing metering infrastructure by just upgrading it with a new field controller in each pedestal. With the Central management software, you can keep everything on record and access meter readings – both in real time and historically.

Optimize electricity consumption costs for lighting

It is important for customers to feel safe when they are boating on your marina port. And that means not only good security but better lighting. This means a lot of expenses

Arista SLMS by ADD Bulgaria builds upon traditional street lighting with smart functions for remote management of lights and real-time monitoring of the entire electrical and lighting infrastructure. The system collects, stores, and analyzes all data, providing comprehensive picture of the marina’s lighting states and processes. You can easily detect if there is a damaged device and send a person from your team to fix the problem. The system provides several opportunities to optimize the processes and costs associated with the maintenance, monitoring of infrastructure and electricity consumption. Arista SLMS is designed to work more efficiently and effectively, providing easy navigation, visualization, and process management. At the same time, the software facilitates statistical data processing, analysis, and decision making.

Electricity consumption

By integrating Arista SLMS at the marina, you will be able to easily optimize costs, related to maintenance and energy consumption. It is a tool through which can be achieved sustainable development, energy efficiency, and the foundation for a better quality of urban life.

Close the digitalization circle by ADD Bulgaria

Upgrading the existing metering infrastructure with Arista Retrofit will help marinas offer their customers a modern, reliable and secure service for measurement of their consumption. But most of all, marinas will be able to optimize their processes and it will be much easier for them to define if there is unregulated consumption or damage. Marinas will receive detailed data, which will give them information about consumption of a selected period and unexpected events of the area. At the same time, the analysis and proper management of lighting with Arista SLMS will help them optimize energy and operative costs by remotely controlling the consumption of luminaires in certain time ranges. In this way each marina will have a packet of digital solutions for real time monitoring of the consumption of resources, operational states of equipment and customer behavior.