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Submetering and Prepaid utility services for hotels and rented property – a new era

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Cost management is essential for the long-term financial health and success of any business, including your hotel or rental property. If your property is losing money through avoidable expenses, you should take proactive steps to control costs.

The majority of successful hotels keep track of operating costs to ensure that expenditure is related to revenue generation. Because businesses want to maximize profits, they must reduce operating costs to increase revenue. Reducing spending is the most viable way to increase profitability. 

Utility costs account for a significant portion of the existing operating costs in hotels, guest houses, and rented apartments. The bill is usually based on consumption, but some customers indeed use far more of these resources than others. The cost of renting a room or an apartment, on the other hand, is the same in both cases. This puts the hotel industry and landlords in serious jeopardy, especially with the rising electricity prices. Because hotels are among the top five in terms of energy consumption in the building sector. More than 100 TWh of energy is estimated to have been used in hotels worldwide. According to reports, water consumption accounts for 10% of utility bills, with tourists accounting for 25%.

What Is Adderra, and How Does It Help

An effective management strategy will allow you to maintain and grow your profits without jeopardizing your guests’ comfort. A submetering system is one of the solutions. It will be the most satisfying technological solution for hotels and other landlords. This system allows you to maintain your consumption while reducing potential electricity and water waste.

Adderra provides water and electricity submetering, allowing hotels and landlords to bill individual tenant consumption online and receive payments via a smartphone app. Adderra is integrated with the landlord’s billing and payment platform, allowing for many payment terms via tokens, including preset credit, prepayment, and post-payment mode.

All this is implemented in the most convenient to all parties ways – via an online platform and a smart phone application. Adderra is an efficient solution for hotels, allowing them to set a room charge that does not include the costs of electricity and water consumed in the guest rooms. The service allows guests to prepay for water and electricity online using a smartphone app and a prepaid Bluetooth meter.

As a result, Adderra encourages hotel guests to rationalize their consumption by making them responsible for paying for the water and electricity they intend to use in a room.

Who Is Adderra For?

Adderra assists hotel and rented property owners in providing a pleasant vacation for their guests, enjoying the experience of using Adderra, and, last but not least, becoming environmentally friendly. Adderra encourages sustainability and the wise use of precious resources while also allowing for fair rent/stay pricing by eliminating fees for overestimated consumption.

Adderra is a prepaid utility service for water and electricity that is based on smart metering technology.

  • For landlords, Adderra provides the following advantages:  Payment in advance for utilities via PayPal will never leave the bill unpaid, eliminating the risk of incorrect tenants. So, Adderra lowers financial risks over the rental period, allowing them to offer more appealing rental rates. Adderra aids in the rational management of utility consumption, the operation of hotels in a more sustainable manner, and the prevention of utility overconsumption by guests.
  • For tenants, Adderra ensures that they only pay for utilities that they use, that they receive more accurate rent pricing, and that they can make secure, convenient payments through PayPal.

Most importantly, Adderra assists everyone in conserving resources, saving money, and protecting the environment.

How Adderra Works

Adderra offers a submetering solution for electricity and water with integrated billing and payment platform. To start using Adderra one has to follow these simple steps:

  1. Install electricity and water meters from  Adderra marketplace. Each meter is pre-equipped with our Smart Metering technology.
  2. Easily onboard to the Adderra marketplace with PayPal and or a Stripe account.
  3. You can set individual prices for electricity and water.
  4. Tenants can check-in effortlessly by scanning a QR code in your apartment, hotel, or house via Adderra’s easy-to-use smartphone application. Immediately, their water and electricity use can be tracked.
  5. Depending on your preference, payments can be made in advance. This works best with short stays or monthly, which works better for long-term tenants. Remember, all transactions are simple and secure with PayPal or Stripe.
  6. When tenants check out, they can settle up any payments through the app. No mess, no fuss, no paperwork. After checkout, you get paid quickly through the Adderra marketplace.

How Does Adderra win the Environmental Case

Italy and Greece are two of Europe’s top ten most appealing tourist destinations. They receive more than 80 million tourists each year.

The tourism industry is growing. Despite all of the good and pleasant thoughts, one can have about vacation it is one of the most environmentally unfriendly industries in the world. Hotels and other types of accommodation consume millions of liters of water.

According to the research, tourists consume between 84L and 2000L of water per day. It also indicates that the water consumption for a one-bedroom can reach 3400L per day.

That is why hotels and other accommodation offering businesses need to reconsider their energy metering management.

When the resources are included in the price for stay, this sets the stage for their irrational use. Whereas prepayment encourages more rational consumption.