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Successful project implementation

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In the period 21.12.2013 – 19.06.2015 ADD-Bulgaria Ltd. has successfully implemented a project under a grant agreement № BG161PO003-1.1.07-0210-C0001 “Implementation in the production of an innovative system for remote reading, data processing and management of water consumption” under procedure BG161PO003 -1.1.07 “Implementation of innovations in enterprises” under OPRCBI 2007-2013. With the help of the financing under the program, an innovative system for remote reading, data processing and water consumption management was introduced in the company’s production. The innovative system is used in all areas of industry for measuring and managing water consumption, transmission, processing, analysis and export of measurement data to billing systems. The developed innovative system overcomes the shortcomings of the previous ones, as it achieves flexibility of innovatively connected and communicating hardware components. The technology achieves security, reliability and protection of end user data, high speed data transfer and command execution.