Monitoring of electrical infrastructure

A solution for optimization and digitalization that enables predictive maintenance for substations and electrical switchboards.

System components


Arista controller

Controller monitoring processes and infrastructure parameters

  • Electrical infrastructure controller and data concentrator
  • Two-way communication
  • Remote setup and management
  • Monitoring of work environment parameters
  • Measurement of electrical parameters
  • Rapid problems analysis
  • Notification of unauthorized access
  • Ability to monitor external sensor readings
  • Event logging
LC1-H Periphery bus


Device for status monitoring

  • Digital inputs for states registering
  • Scalability of the state monitoring system
  • Common periphery bus for data transfer and power supply
  • Input Sensor Diagnostics – interrupted sensor / short circuit
  • Passport for identification of any device connected to the common bus
Arista CMS New

Arista CMS

Central Management Software (CMS)

  • Real-time infrastructure monitoring
  • Instant notification of unexpected events
  • Quick analysis of reported states
  • Exact locating a reported problem
  • Determining the type of problem
  • Optimization of maintenance processes

Digitalization of the processes and states of the electrical infrastructure

This solution is applied in substations and switchboards of electrical companies, as well as in large industrial and commercial sites. It enables true digitalization and efficient energy management with minimal investment using existing equipment. The solution provides comprehensive real-time information about the switchboard/substation.

Key benefits


Optimization of maintenance cost


Monitoring of the parameters of the working environment


Analyzes and forecasts of the operation of electrical switchboards and substations


On-line infrastructure monitoring


Identification and localization of non-regulated interference


Fast localization and identification of malfunctions and deviations

System architecture​

Infographic monitoring

Real-time complex information

The system measures electrical parameters such as voltage, current, power, consumption and collects information from different sensors (eg smoke, humidity, temperature, tamper buttons). Fast localization and problem type identification help to achieve optimal results in case of failures and attempts to manipulate the network and ultimately lead to optimization of maintenance costs.

Digitalization of substations and switchboards

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