Arista Eim
Electrical Infrastructure Monitoring

Energy monitoring for small and medium enterprises

Information is power

ARISTA EIM (Electrical Infrastructure Monitoring) is a cutting-edge technology that allows you to monitor power supply and control electrical switchboards remotely and in real time. It is designed to help small and medium eneterprises with their digital transformation in order to become more efficient and up-to-date.
The advantage of ARISTA EIM is that it is not a huge upfront investment, unlike other expensive solutions. Yet it manages to upgrade the maintenance operations to the next level of digitalization and automation.
If you want to learn more about the digitalization of the electrical infrastructure, take a look at this article in our blog:

By connecting to various sensors, ARISTA EIM monitors the status of the electrical installation. This allows you to anticipate and prevent potential problems.


Remotely monitor

all key parameters of the working environment

Quickly identify

infrastructure malfunctions

Prevent damages

and predict issues

Get immediate notifications

in case of malfunctions, deviations or unauthorized access

Save costs

by optimizing the maintenance process

Increase infrastructure

performance and efficiency

Make better decisions

based on real and accurate data

Opportunity for integration

and upgrading existing systems

System components

LC1-H Periphery bus

Peripheral hub

Connects to different types of sensors and reports their states.
  • Digital inputs for states registering
  • Scalability of the state monitoring system
  • Common periphery bus for data transfer and power supply
  • Input Sensor Diagnostics - interrupted sensor / short circuit
  • Passport for identification of any device connected to the common bus
SLMB Arista

Monitoring device (MMD)

Modular solution for monitoring all processes, states and parameters of the infrastructure.
  • Electrical infrastructure controller and data concentrator
  • Two-way communication
  • Remote setup and management
  • Monitoring of work environment parameters
  • Measurement of electrical parameters
  • Rapid problems analysis
  • Notification of unauthorized access
  • Ability to monitor external sensor readings
  • Event logging
Arista CMS

Centralized software (CMS)​

Detailed real-time information on the monitored electrical infrastructure, accessible from one place.
  • Real-time infrastructure monitoring
  • Instant notification of unexpected events
  • Quick analysis of reported states
  • Exact locating a reported problem
  • Determining the type of problem
  • Optimization of maintenance processes

Transform data into power with Arista EIM

ARISTA EIM streamlines the process of infrastructure monitoring by using sensors in each substation or electrical switchboard to measure a variety of parameters.
The Peripheral Hub connects to any type of sensor and gathers all incoming data from the monitored infrastructure.
The hub is connected to a Monitoring Management Device (MMD), which serves as the electrical infrastructure’s controller and data concentrator.
The MMD sends all data to the Central Management Software (CMS), which collects, analyzes, interprets and presents it in an easy to use web interface.  


The Central Management Software

Arista’s central management software allows you to gain active insights and remotely manage low-voltage substations and switchboards.​


Detailed information

about the state, electrical and environmental parameters

Full map and technical information

of all monitored points

Immediate email notification

in case of reported noncompliance

Remote software updates

to all system components.


What our customers say

The most helpful and important for our operations is the function Monitoring of the electrical infrastructure – it provides information about the condition of the equipment and the infrastructure, helping us optimize our maintenance costs and reaction time.


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