Arista SLMS
Intelligent Street Lighting

Remote management and monitoring of outdoor lighting for cities, buildings and tunnels.



Arista SLMS builds upon traditional street lighting with smart functions for remote management of lights and real-time monitoring of the entire electrical and lighting infrastructure. The system collects, stores, and analyzes all data, providing comprehensive picture of the public lighting states and processes.

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Arista SLMS is designed to achieve flexible and efficient operation of the streetlights and enable stakeholders to balance between high quality, sustainability, and operational efficiency.


Cost reduction

by optimization of the maintenance process

Saving of electrical energy

by using LED technology and dimming functions

Real-time infrastructure monitoring

ensures an efficient and much more accurate maintenance process

Theft prevention

by immediate detection and localization of unauthorized access

Analysis and forecasts

of the street lighting behavior makes possible for better strategic planning

SLMS as a platform

for future development of smart city applications

System components

Arista LCU Controller

Individual Light Controller (LCU)

  • Individual management
  • Remote management
  • Establishing RF mesh network
  • Two-way communication with Arista CMS
  • Measurement of electrical parameters
  • States monitoring
  • Event logging
  • Compatibility with different types of luminaires
SLMB Arista

Group Controller (SLMB)

  • Remote device management
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Monitoring of electrical infrastructure
  • Event logging
  • Instant event notification
  • Unauthorized access monitoring
  • Two-way communication
  • Data concentrator
  • Automatic and manual management mode
  • Establishing radio communication networks
  • Measurement of electrical parameters
  • Data collecting of external sensors
  • Urban environment management (waste, traffic, parking, building automation, etc.).
Arista CMS

Centralized software (CMS)​

  • On-line monitoring
  • Remote management
  • Device problem localization
  • Instant notification
  • Data analysis
  • Data reports
  • Web-based interface


The Arista Light Control Unit (LCU) integrates to the luminary housing to manage the dimming modes as well as to collect and send technical and operational data.
The Arista group controller SLMB manages the communication and control of multiple luminaries, while continuously monitoring the operation of the streetlight cabinet power lines state, fuses, contactors, etc.
SLMB sends all data to the Central Management Software (CMS), which collects, analyzes, interprets, and presents it in an easy-to-use web interface.

The Central Management Software

Arista’s central management software is your full-control dashboard where you will find all types of infrastructure information in one place.​

Management of the system

work schedules, device configuration, registration, management and updates

E -mail notification

for unexpected events, statuses and faults

Alarm management

identification and localization of problems

Geographic visualization

of all elements of the street lighting – power switchboards

Complex online monitoring

of the street lighting infrastructure

One-click generation

of data reports and analysis


task execution


with third-party systems


A different approach to make cities smart and sustainable

The street lighting system is the backbone of a smart city because it turns luminaires into intelligent points that collect and transfer information. Municipalities, investors, citizens, as well as other stakeholders have a powerful tool through which they can achieve their smart goals – sustainable development, energy efficiency, and the overall vision for a better quality of urban life.

Project Implementations

So far, we have helped numerous cities to cut maintenance costs, increase efficiency and advance the functionalities of their lighting systems to get one step closer to a smarter and more sustainable city.

Municipality of Dragoman
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Municipality of Sozopol
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Municipality of Roman
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What our customers say

The management of the street lighting in all settlements is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the project and ADD Bulgaria provides reliable maintenance and precise configuration for all components of the System.

More than once we have trusted ADD Bulgaria to deliver their Street Lighting Management System as a part of our projects for modernization of streetlights in municipalities. In the dynamic environment in which we work, it is especially important to find a loyal partner, who will understand your needs and will show flexibility and adaptability, while keeping all agreements.


ADD Bulgaria has an experienced team who will give you all the information and consultation on questions related to energy efficiency, resource management and smart city. Send us your question and we will get in touch with you.

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