Intelligent Street Lighting

A solution that provides flexible and efficient control and monitoring of the lighting infrastructure

System components

Arista LCU Controller

Individual Light Controller

  • Individual management
  • Remote management
  • Establishing RF mesh network
  • Two-way communication with Arista CMS
  • Measurement of electrical parameters
  • States monitoring
  • Event logging
  • Compatibility with different types of luminaires

Group Controller

  • Remote device management
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Monitoring of electrical infrastructure
  • Event logging
  • Instant event notification
  • Unauthorized access monitoring
  • Two-way communication
  • Data concentrator
  • Automatic and manual management mode
  • Establishing radio communication networks
  • Measurement of electrical parameters
  • Data collecting of external sensors
  • Urban environment management (waste, traffic, parking, building automation, etc.).
Arista CMS

Central Management Software (CMS)

  • On-line monitoring
  • Remote management
  • Device problem localization
  • Instant notification
  • Data analysis
  • Data reports
  • Web-based interface

More than street lighting management

Every modern city strives for high technology application in order to improve the living conditions and the managing process of the complex urban organism. ADD-Bulgaria helps its partners to achieve this. Street Lights Management System Arista SLMS has been in operation in various projects for several years now and has proved its functionality and efficiency, with versions being upgraded and improved each time. System Arista SLMS includes a controller for management and monitoring (Arista SLMB) for group controlling of lighting and electrical supply feeders, Individual Lighting Controllers (Arista LCU) and Central Management Software (Arista CMS).

Key benefits


Optimization of maintenance cost


Saving of electricity energy


On-line infrastructure monitoring


Identification and localization of non-regulated interference


Analysis and forecasts of the street lighting behaviour


Fast localization and identification of malfunctions and deviations

System architecture


Real-time monitoring

In addition to managing operating modes, the system provides comprehensive real-time monitoring and verification of electrical infrastructure with information for the status of power supply lines, main fuses, actuators, tamper buttons and operating environment parameters. In case of unexpected events, deviations and unauthorized access, ARISTA immediately sends detailed information. All these functionalities bring direct benefits in managing street lighting in one city, saving time and optimizing maintenance.

Integration of smart systems

Arista is a flexible solution which can easily be expanded through implementation of new functionalities depending on the managed network and the technical requirements. ADD-Bulgaria has a team of hardware and software engineers and we are ready to work on custom solutions as long as they serve our customers.

Our system can be upgraded by adding communication, measurement devices, controllers, sensors, servers. Moreover, Arista can be integrated to external systems and thus become a part of a bigger Smart City platform.

Intelligent tunnel lighting system

Reach the desired level of modernisation of the street lighting with this strong tool for monitoring, management and maintenance 

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