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ADD Bulgaria rents out a fully equipped

production base in Plovdiv

together with a team of highly qualified operators.

WORKSHOP FOR ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS (1st floor) – 750 sqm, equipped

WORKSHOP FOR PLASTIC PARTS (1st floor) –  750 sqm, equipped

FREE PREMISES (2nd floor) –  1500 sqm



Why consider this possibility?


The city has a strategic location, close to 2 highways and numerous first-class roads that connect it to other important cities, centers, ports and airports. Plovdiv has its own airport, well-structured public transport system and very developed infrastructure. The transport accessibility of the factory is very good and is carried out by Blvd. Vasil Aprilov, near Trakia highway.

Local Economy

Plovdiv region has established itself as the main industrial, transport and logistics center in Bulgaria (with over 74,000 jobs). A number of investors have positioned themselves and further developed the technological, capital, financial and human resources of the region. Especially developed is the electronics and electrical engineering sector.

Site and Staff

The production site is located in a plot of land with an area of 6000 sq.m. in Plovdiv – North. The production housing is two two-storey buildings and a warehouse for materials, a canteen and offices.The buildings are built with state of the art and reliable technologies. The production was commissioned in 2014 and is still running with a qualified team of 15 professionals, who might also be part of the offer.

Layout of premises

On the first level there are:

line for surface mounting of boards – (SMD) installation

  • alongside it a hand soldering room
  • workshop for the production of plastic parts
  • warehouses for materials and finished products
  • domestic rooms for workers – changing rooms, bathrooms with toilets, room for the woman and medical room

The connection to the second level (kota +4,90 m) is made through three stair cases and two freight elevators. At this level there is:

  • 1500 sqm free premises, half of it intended for electronic production (with special antistatic flooring appropriate for SMD lines)
  • a metrology room (equipped with ZERA meter test system)
  • a production control room
  • bathroom

The construction of the buildings is mixed, with façade walls of thermal panels filled with incombustible stripes every 100 sq.m. The sections are separated from the adjacent production premises with REI 120 fire-resistant brandmauers (double wall construction) and REI 90 fire-resistant doors.

Height of the premises: Floor I – 4.56 m • Floor II – 4.24 m • Warehouse – 6 m.

On the site are implemented


SMD line

ADD SMD Equipment’s:
Module Placement Machine – high speed 12 Nozzles  |   Module Placement Machine – 3 Nozzles  | Reflow Oven  |  AOI Marantz Electronics U22XH |  Screen Printeр Panasonic SP18 P-L


ERSA N-Wave 330

The nitrogen wave soldering system for medium size applications

The ERSA N-Wave 330 is a microprocessor controlled nitrogen wave soldering system meeting highest requirements concerning solder quality and PCB purity. It represents state-of-the-art technology and can be operated with lead-free solders and VOC-free fluxes.


for your modular production line

It is the optimal solution for small and medium scale production where flexibility is paramount. The machine’s design focuses on providing reproducible quality while being simple to operate. The intelligent and clearly structured software allows for easy and effective machine programming, and it records all relevant production parameters.

ERSA ecoselect 2

Injection molding production line

Our injection moulding machines are high-tech systems with automatic loading, mixing, feeding and process control. Our machines have simulation software that visualizes processes on a PC and allows precision tuning, regardless of the injection moulding machine. Test and image editors provide high speed and accuracy.

injection molding machines

ENGEL Victory 1350/300 Tech

ENGEL Victory 330/110 Tech

ENGEL Victory 750/160 Tech

Весела Малиновска

Vesela Malinowska

Vice President of Marketing

If you need additional information about our production base and equipment, you can visit our website or contact me directly at:

[email protected]

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