Retrofit Metering

The intelligent and cost-efficient solution for upgrading resource
measurement using the existing metering infrastructure.
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system components

LC2-E field controller

Field Controller

The Field Controller counts and stores the pulses read individually from the electricity and water meters installed in the pedestals and send the information to Central Management Software

  • Measuring the pulses from different type of meters (water meters and electricity meters)
  • Read up to 8 meters depending on the infrastructure
  • RF communication network
  • Autonomous work mode
  • Remote update
  • Self-diagnosis
SLMB Arista


Provides data storage and bi-directional communication between Field Controllers and the Central Management Software.

  • Bi-directional communication with measuring devices LC, via RF mesh network (868 MHz)
  • Bi-directional communication with Central Management Software, via GPRS / 3G / 4G / LAN / Wi-Fi, through OpenVPN connection
  • Data and states transfer from measuring devices to Central Management Software
  • Аutonomous operation with integrated battery
Arista Retrofit CMS

Central Management Software

A user-friendly web interface provides all the information you need in one place.

  • Full monitoring of current values and states
  • Real-time measurement data
  • Reading, collection, processing and analysis of measured data
  • Map of the location of each system components
  • Hierarchical representation of connected measuring devices
  • Instant identification and notification of unexpected events
  • Consumption reports for selected period
  • Optimization of maintenance processes
  • Export data for external processing
  • Integration with other systems

Revolutionize the way your marina works with ARISTA RETROFIT

MOST MARINAS TODAY have a rather traditional metering process. Elec­tricity and water meters are installed inside each pedestal. To read and record consump­tion data, marina operators must go to every single one of them on foot. Then, in order to bill the customer, they need to manually upload the collected data into а computer software and then transfer it to the marina’s billing system.

This is an extremely slow and wasteful process that poses a variety of risks. When data collection and analysis are done by hand, the staff is not efficient enough, sometimes consumption is not read accurately and all this affects the level of customer satisfaction. Additionally, the marina management doesn’t have accurate real-time information about occupied pedestals, resource consumption, and underlying technical issues. Without a clear view of the big picture or a full data and operations transparency, management cannot improve the marina’s efficiency and profits.

Key benefits


Save money from buying new smart meters


Save time by simply upgrading existing infrastructure


Stop the waste of your marina’s resources


Automatically manage more meters with less controllers


Safely store all data and generate reports on demand


System as a service (SaaS) opportunity


Manage your marina to its greatest potential

Retrofitting architecture

With Arista Retrofit IT IS ALL CONNECTED

What our clients say

ADD Bulgaria is a trusted and reliable partner, something of utmost importance to our organization. They proved that their team can deliver, on time, complex quality solutions for remote control and measurement. We first started with a pilot project for retrofit metering of water and electricity consumption of boats at Marina Flisvos, the biggest marina in Greece. We wanted to validate both their technology and our partnership. It was a successful delivery that ended in a full rollout project.
Evi Katogoudis
Tendering and Contracting Manager at Protasis SA

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