Electrical Infrastructure Monitoring

GridBit eim

Enable an Easy and Reliable Energy Transition by Protecting Your Low Voltage (LV) Infrastructure

GridBit EIM (Electrical Infrastructure Monitoring) addresses the urgent need for digitalization of the edge infrastructure at the low voltage grid, which is largely affected by the energy transition.

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Changes caused by energy transition

The measures on battling climate change by 2030 affect the grids to a great extent



Increasing overload due to the higher electrification demand (electric vehicles, heat pumps, manufacturing) causes frequent and expensive equipment downtime and failures.



Widespread adoption of renewable energy resources (solar, wind) are both an opportunity and a challenge. For distribution system operators, the high adoption speed can cause  network and power volatility. 



Designed many decades ago, today’s grids are not prepared for the growth of electricity demand, the intermittent flow from renewables, the integration of active prosumers and distributed generation.

the Problem

Electrical utilities urgently need more visibility in the low voltage (LV) network

in order to secure its stability and resilience.

the Solution

Digitalization of the LV network.

Complete visibility on edge assets and infrastructure.

Why monitor the LV grid and how?


The amount of assets  distributed in the LV grid is way higher (65%) than in the HV and MD. Also, most of the trends happening in the sector affect exactly the LV. That is why it needs monitoring and improvement.


GridBitEIM adds digital senses and AI to the electrical infrastructure for complete prevention. It provides monitoring of the transformer and the switchboard by a thermal camera, digital analyzers and sensors for pressure, temperature, oil level and gassing. As a result rarer site visits are necessary which drive additional cost reduction. 

System Components

Modular Hardware

Module GWU

Gateway unit - provides communication, management and data collection from peripheral modules and sensors in the LV switchboard.

Module MCU

3-phase energy analyzer - monitors the status of supply lines, control circuits, fuses, protections, contactors in the LV switchboard.

Module SMU

High voltage detector - measures a wide range of electrical parameters (by in- build three-phase indirect electricity meter).

Module RTU

Real-time clock - manages the power supply lines of the LV switchboard through automatic schedules or commands.

saas Platform

GridBit’s new management software is your full-control dashboard where you will find critical information, you will monitor and manage your LV assets (transformers, switchboards) all in one place. The Platform makes it possible to maximize the effectiveness of the maintenance process.
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         Platform features

System Configuration

user-friendly management of the system

Notifications & Alarms

for unexpected events in the platform itself or via email, SMS, etc.

Cloud based solution

for system stability and data security


for easy navigation and visualization of your infrastructure

Real-time monitoring

for quick and timely troubleshooting

Reports and analysis

of data for better overview and planning


of task execution, analysis and reports


with third-party systems

what you get with
gridbit eim

What our customers say

The most helpful and important for our operations is the function Monitoring of the electrical infrastructure – it provides information about the condition of the equipment and the infrastructure, helping us optimize our maintenance costs and reaction time.

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