Gridbit SLMS
Intelligent Street lighting

GridBit SLMS

The first and most widely implemented smart city solution in Bulgaria

GridBit SLMS Generation 4 is the latest version of our intelligent street lighting system that is more flexible, simple, modular and cost efficient. It provides remote group management of lights and real-time monitoring of the entire electrical and lighting infrastructure.

If you want to learn more about the smart and sustainable cities, read this article in our blog:

THE Problem

Cities today need more visiblity in managing outdoor lighting in order to solve 3 main challenges: 


Increasing energy costs

The energy expenses associated with public lighting strain municipal budgets, diverting funds that could be better utilized. Inefficiencies in outdated technologies contribute to these elevated costs.


Maintenance ineffiency

Costs are additionally driven up by the inefficient maintenance practices – many cities still rely on traditional, reactive/scheduled inspections, leading to delayed identification and resolution of lighting issues. 


Sustainability goals

Sustainable urban planning and design are essential for contemporary cities. The integration of advanced technologies like intelligent street lighting systems is often seen as a good starting point. 

the Solution

Advanced, modular system for greater flexibility across different needs and budgets

GridBit SLMS intelligently retrofits street lighting infrastructure and provides digitalization of the main processes associated with public lighting:


Remote Group Management of lights 


Real-time Monitoring of the lighting and electrical infrastructure

System Components

Modular Hardware

Module GWU

Gateway unit - provides communication, management and data collection from peripheral modules and sensors in the LV switchboard.

Module MCU

3-phase energy analyzer - monitors the status of supply lines, control circuits, fuses, protections, contactors in the LV switchboard.

Module SMU

High voltage detector - measures a wide range of electrical parameters (by in- build three-phase indirect electricity meter).

Module RTU

Real-time clock - manages the power supply lines of the LV switchboard through automatic schedules or commands.

saas Platform

GridBit’s new management software is your full-control dashboard where you will find critical information, you will monitor and manage the intelligent lighting system, as well as your lighting infrastructure – all in one place.

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         Platform features

System Configuration

user-friendly management of the system

Notifications & Alarms

for unexpected events in the platform itself or via email, SMS, etc.

Cloud based solution

for system stability and data security


for easy navigation and visualization of your infrastructure

Real-time monitoring

for quick and timely troubleshooting

Reports and analysis

of data for better overview and planning


of task execution, analysis and reports


with third-party systems

what you get with
gridbit slms

Successful Implementations

Since 2017 we have helped numerous cities to cut electricity and maintenance costs, and get one step closer to a smarter and more sustainable city. 

Check out some of our success stories:

Municipality of Dragoman
Download this success story
Municipality of Sozopol
Download succes story
Municipality of Roman
Download success story
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Numbers we are proud of:


Project Completed


Cities and villages with our sytem


Street Cabinets connected

What our customers say

The team of ADD Bulgaria responds quickly and flexibly to various requirements and challenges. This gives us peace of mind, knowing that we have a true partner with whom we achieve success together.

ADD Bulgaria provides reliable maintenance and precise configuration for all components of the intelligent street lighting system. We are happy to have made this collaboration in the town of Roman.

ADD Bulgaria were our partner in the realization of the projects in Sozopol and Dragoman. Nowadays it is so important to find a loyal partner, who will understand your needs and will show flexibility, while keeping all agreements. They are just that!

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