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ADD Bulgaria

Leader in the Intelligent IoT Solutions

We are one of the first companies in Bulgaria that have been developing and integrating  intelligent IoT solutions for the energy distributors, cities and industrial enterprises. Our mission is to facilitate a smooth digital and energy transition through modernization of metering, lighting, electrical and other types of large infrastructures.  

Innovative solutions

Smart Electricity Metering

Advanced metering infrastructure for distribution system operators

Intelligent Street Lighting

Real-time monitoring and control of the lighting infrastructure.

Low Voltage Monitoring

Digitalization of low voltage substations and transformers

Retrofit Metering of Resources

Cost-efficient solution for remote resource measurement.

Why Add Bulgaria

Installed smart electricity meters
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Installed data concentrators
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cities and towns with our street light system
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Electricity distribution companies using our system

Customers and partners


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Успешен проект за въвеждане на система за интелигентно измерване на електроенергията в EVN България

Накратко за проекта ЕВН България е дългогодишен клиент и партньор на АДД България. Отношенията ни стартираха през далечната 2006г. с пилотен проект от 6000 интелигентни

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