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ADD Bulgaria and the Municipality of Plovdiv celebrate new life with a smart project

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As a leading company offering solutions for remote control, monitoring and management of resource consumption, including street lighting control systems ADD Bulgaria had the honor to participate in the project of Alberto Garutti named “To those who are born today “. Realized in 2018, the project was part of the Metaphorai exhibition and aimed to connect with the urban space, addressing residents directly and making them empathize with one of the greatest events in human life – giving birth.

Alberto Garutti’s idea has first been seen in 1998 in Bergamo and since then the project has been successfully implemented in many countries around the world. In Plovdiv, the popular artist was attracted by the upcoming hosting of the city of European Capital of Culture in 2019.

About the project “To those who are born today”

Project "To those who are born today"

The project represents an attractive change in the urban environment, and more precisely – street lighting. The idea of Garutti was to connect the lighting in the Kapana district with four obstetric wards of the local hospitals. Thus, every time a new life is born, one of the doctors or even the child’s relatives presses a button that forces part of the street lighting in the Kapana district to change operation work, making the lights “pulsate”.

Thanks to the street lighting management system Arista SLMS ADD Bulgaria made possible the realization of this interesting, innovative and creative project, which is still working.

Technical solution by ADD Bulgaria

In order to be able to make the lamps “pulsate”, a group lighting controller is installed in the power supply switchboard for street lighting, located in the Kapana district. Once a baby is born, a dedicated button is pressed, then the information is immediately sent to the street lighting controller, which in turn changes the brightness of the street lighting (dimming) and then turns it back to the initial position. If a child is born during the light part of the day, the lights turns on, after that the brightness diminishes until complete shutdown.

Thanks to the functionalities which Arista SLMS provides – control, communication, implementation of automatic processes and introduction of remote configuration, such an innovative project is successfully implemented and covers the author’s requirements for self-management system in the selected area of the neighborhood.

Additional functions

In addition to the author’s innovative and inclusive approach to urban life, the implementation of the project provides convenient tools to the Plovdiv municipality for detailed monitoring of the streetlight infrastructure. The system provides information about the measured values of the electrical parameters for the switchboard, which are used in analysis and reports on the operation and quality of lighting.

Through the established communication connection and the centralized software for management and monitoring of the system, the number of births is monitored daily by hospitals, the municipality and the citizens, giving instant feeling of joy – an emotion inevitably related to the appearance of new life.

If in the future there is a decision to expand the scope of the project, the system allows the addition of maternity wards (installation of additional buttons) as well as expanding the scope of the managed infrastructure with other innovative and socially inclusive initiatives.

ADD Bulgaria embarked on this project with pleasure and dedication, because one of the main goals of the company is to implement, change and modernize the urban environment.