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ADD Bulgaria is set to supply Northern Macedonia with 50,000 smart electricity meters.

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The partnership between EVN, the largest electricity supplier in the Balkans, and ADD Bulgaria, the biggest integrator of modern energy metering systems in the region, has been growing since 2011. ADD Bulgaria recently announced a contract to supply 50,000 ADDAX smart electricity meters to North Macedonia.

The ADDAX electricity meters, which will be delivered over the next three years to the North Macedonian market, will employ the same tested communication solutions based on PLC technologies, previously utilized in the country. Notably, ADD Bulgaria has already successfully implemented various smart metering projects in Northern Macedonia. In 2014, for instance, we announced the delivery and installation of a trial batch of 18,000 meters, followed by another 35,000 meters in 2016.

The recent tender win for the delivery of 50,000 meters in 2023 marks the largest collaboration to date between EVN Macedonia and ADD Bulgaria. “This achievement represents another stride in our endeavor to expand into international markets,” states a representative from ADD Bulgaria. “We are delighted to provide EVN Macedonia with advanced energy metering technology, and we are confident that our solutions will significantly contribute to improving the country’s energy efficiency.”

Market experts anticipate that the installation of these 50,000 new meters will play a pivotal role in upgrading North Macedonia’s energy infrastructure, leading to enhanced efficiency and transparency in the nation’s energy consumption.

The initial batch of ADDAX smart meters, as per the tender’s terms, has already been delivered to the local electricity supplier, EVN Macedonia, this spring, with subsequent batches set to follow.

ADD Bulgaria has been integrating and supporting advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions for numerous years. During this time, over 1.5 million smart meters have been successfully installed in Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia, effectively combating electricity losses and theft. Consequently, the percentage of electricity theft in Macedonia decreased from 18.4% in 2011 to 14.9% by 2015.

ADD Bulgaria offers turn-key solutions – from electricity meters, through router-concentrators to software in the center for data collection, processing and analysis. This solution is available in several communication varieties – PLC, RF, Hybrid. In addition to electricity, ADD Bulgaria also offers intelligent solutions for water.

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