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ADD Bulgaria and AmCham improve the living standards together

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ADD Bulgaria became a member of one of the most prestigious business organizations – the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria.

ADD Bulgaria is a company made by visionary people. We have always understood the need for the world to move forward through digitalization and implementation of smart technologies in as many areas of everyday and business life as possible. We value making long-term partnerships with whom we can change the environment in which we live and do business. That is why we are happy to become a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria (AmCham). We fully share and believe in mission to improve the business environment, investment climate, and living standards in the country by advocating to all stakeholders – government, business, NGO-s, and media – for productive dialogue and partnership.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria has existed for 25 years, uniting over 320 American, Bulgarian and multinational companies operating in the country. It has become a leading business organization that initiates events in the field of economy, international and national policies, and the social sphere.

ADD Bulgaria’s membership in AmCham allows us to create long-term partnerships through special Committees of the Chamber. The scope of these special Committees includes dealing with issues that directly or indirectly affect the activities of the members of the organization, as well as developing positions that AmCham as an organization can then take further to key decision makers. AmCham Committees work with active participation and cooperation between members to develop new ideas, share experiences, and ultimately achieve common goals.

The Chamber unites legal and consulting companies, advertising and PR agencies, non-profit organizations and educational organizations, engineering and construction companies, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, and financial institutions. The AmCham community also includes transport and logistics companies, manufacturers and distributors of consumer goods, service providers, travel agencies, IT companies, and suppliers of industrial and office equipment. All these business interests, both American and Bulgarian, share a common sense of community and determination to help improve the country’s economic development.

ADD Bulgaria, as a company with an excellent corporate reputation, fits perfectly into the society of reputable companies and organizations from all economic sectors. This is a strategic move which will inspire not only us, but also our existing and potential partners and customers so that together we can build a better future.