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Digitization and intelligent control of switchboards and substations

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ADD-Bulgaria presents its new solution for the digitization of transformers and switchboards, which optimizes and simplifies maintenance and management of these facilities while meeting all requirements for energy efficiency. This intelligent system is used in electrical switchboards / substations at industrial and commercial sites or in distribution boards. Groups of sensors (for temperature, humidity, presence, smoke, etc.) in one switchboard or in a building can be monitored and controlled in real time.

The system is easy to install and deploy and it consists of two components only – a Controller for digitalization and monitoring and a Central management software. This makes the system economically viable for investors because no replacement of existing equipment is required and a significant cost optimization is achieved with a small upfornt investment. The controller is mounted on the existing switchboards regardless of its type and constantly monitors the data of the connected sensors, comparing it with preset limit values. If there is a deviation, the information is sent immediately to the control center, and information for the type and location of the problem is sent to the authorized teams.

In addition to monitoring all sensors’ data (installed in the switchboards), the intelligent system presents a single platform for reporting and notification about current values of electrical indicators for the existing infrastructure. According to the requirements and type of the switchboard, the system provides real-time measured values of the infrastructure (voltage, current, power, power consumption) and transmits information in case of deviation from measured and preset limit values.